Building people,
building people

Redefining ROI.

We believe in generating excellent ROI at Varsity Communities, and that doesn’t stop at delivering financial results for our investors. We cultivate a team of student housing professionals with a passion for hospitality and a drive to learn. We do so by investing in each individual who joins our team, giving them the resources, guidance, and support they need to grow in their careers. This approach leads to high ROI—Return On Individual—by truly empowering our team to have a positive impact on our communities and deliver impressive results for our partners all while living a life they love.

We are driven to build the people and communities we serve. We deeply believe that through our work we can make a positive impact on the prosperity of the world we share together.

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Employee Testimonials

“As always, the people is the biggest plus of this company and the continuous support that is given from all levels. It makes the job easier when you know that you've got a whole team backing you and who will be there if you need it.”

– Employee Testimonial

“Although having been here less than a month, I’ve already noticed the value the company places on giving you opportunities to learn and grow. There is a strong sense of community and teamwork across branches of the company, makes me look forward to my future here. And the vacation days, those are nice too.”

– Employee Testimonial

“The people that I get to work with every day are the highlight of being here. It is difficult to find such an open, friendly and supportive group of people in a workplace.”

– Employee Testimonial

“Ability to make changes quickly and adapt to difficult situations. Positive team mentality and feel like we are working towards a bigger goal. The people we work with are great and help motivate me to do my best.”

– Employee Testimonial

“There is always an opportunity to learn and grow; your team is always there to support and encourage you through tasks, whether they are routine tasks or new ones that may be more difficult. There is always someone there to provide help when needed.”

– Employee Testimonial

“Very supportive group of individuals. President and CEO genuinely cares about all his employees. From the top executives to front line workers, everyone is treated with respect, compassion, enthusiasm, appreciation and encourage personal growth. All of these qualities make this an outstanding company.”

– Employee Testimonial

Driven by shared values.

The five C’s define life at Varsity Communities:

Caring, Curious, Coachable, Competet, Courageous Caring, Curious, Coachable, Competet, Courageous Caring, Curious, Coachable, Competet, Courageous

These five values come together to define our holistic approach to team building. We invest in learning and practice. We then empower every team member to make decisions and take responsibility for their work. This leads to engaged and passionate team members, who are driven to create exceptional experiences for residents, their communities, and owners.